I've been running TWIOS for quite a while now (almost 9 years!), and recently, I've decided it's time for a change. The industry is changing, and so to must we! So I've been working on a re-brand and taking my business in a new direction. One that focuses on education and empowerment. So hop on over to my new site and see what's in the works!

Hi! I'm Trina Waller.

You started your business because you have a passion for your product or service, but are the administrative and marketing processes involved in building it bringing you down, staunching your creativity, or killing your passion?

My passion is getting you back to doing what you're passionate about - helping you do business better.

Whether it's the digital marketing strategies, increasing digital engagement, administrative processes, document creation, anything in between that's killing your buzz, I have a plan to bring that buzz back.

Heart-centred and intuitive, with a no-BS side, I'm here to help you develop a strategy to reach your goals.


What does Helping You Do Business Better mean?

To me, it means providing top-notch professional service to busy entrepreneurs and small business owners. It means bringing value through expertise & efficiency. It means having the answer BEFORE you ask the question. It means building a relationship with my clients to know how best to provide the service they require, and doing so in a manner that's conducive to THEIR business.

You pour your heart and soul into your business, but are your efforts being focused where they should? 


What My Clients Are Saying

Trina has great expertise in many areas, which gives me great confidence in whatever decisions we make. Her experience and servces are of great value as they allow us to do the things we are best at while she looks after the internal processes that help things to run more efficiently and effectively.

Trina has helped to put systems in place so that our business functions in a more organized and streamlined manner. She helps us maintain continued contact with our customer base, and helps to increase our sales and customer service.

Trina was an angel sent to me when I so desperately needed one. She is instrumental in our success and so very appreciated. I am grateful to have her as part of our team.

~Cheryl Perkins, WholeHealthatHome.com

Trina came highly recommended from a colleague. She is the best! Her knowledge, attention to detail and research skills are amazing, her work ethic is unparalleled!

My clients frequently comment on the level of professionalism in what Trina creates. She knows what I need even when I have no idea on what comes next or why.

The services Trina provides add to my bottom line and make me look great! Trust me, you NEED her for your business! You will see soon.

~Valerie Jackson, HappyLightSystems.com

Email Marketing Strategies

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Content Creation

Your website is your customer's first impression of your business - make it a good one.


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Document Design

Regardless of what they are, your documents should portray your business' personality and  professionalism.


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