Who is Trina Waller?

As Vince Lombardi said, "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."  Fueled by coffee and a passion to help others succeed,  my business - and life - philosophy is that every action deserves my best effort.

Trina Waller

From the smallest task to the largest project, each is approached with the goal of exceeding expectations and delivering spectacular results.

How TWIOS came about

In 2009, I found myself in the same position as hundreds of thousands of others at the end of the recession. Plato said "Necessity is the mother of invention"; with no job, and fierce competition for even entry-level positions, I had to draw on my natural creativity. I knew that there had to be a market for my then-15 years experience in administration & business management. So I started researching freelancing and virtual assistance.  I bought the TWIOS domain, (which is short for Trina Waller Intuitive Office Solutions, in case you were wondering), fumbled my way through building a basic website, sacrificed semi-healthy eating for mac & cheese to pay for 6 months of advertising, and got my first client. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2017, I am celebrating 7 years of Helping You Do Business Better!

TWIOS 7 Years
Trina Waller

Expertise + Intuition = A Personal Approach

Let me read your mind: You started your business because you have a passion for your product or service.  But the administrative and marketing processes are bringing you down, staunching your creativity, and killing your passion.

My passion is getting you back to doing what you're passionate about.

Whether it's the digital marketing strategies, increasing digital engagement, administrative processes, document creation, or figuring out what you should be posting online, and anything in between that's killing your buzz, I have a plan to bring that buzz back.

Heart-centred and intuitive, with a no-BS side, I will work with you to develop a strategy to reach your goals.

My Stats:

20 - number of years experience

7 - number of years helping burned out professionals

75% - percentage of clients that have worked with for more than 4 years

536+ - number of sales funnels/email marketing campaigns created

15 - average number of emails per campaign created (that's 8,040+ emails!)

39% - average open rate of emails created. (Global average across industries is 22.87%)

9% - average click through rate of emails created. (Global average across industries is 3.26%)

10,543 - number of documents created

100% - number of clients completely satisfied with quality of service

Put me to work for you!

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