How TWIOS came about

In 2009, I found myself in the same position as hundreds of thousands of others at the end of the recession. Plato said "Necessity is the mother of invention"; with no job, and fierce competition for even entry-level positions, I had to draw on my natural creativity. I knew that there had to be a market for my then-15 years experience in administration & business management. So I started researching freelancing and virtual assistance.  I bought the TWIOS domain, (which is short for Trina Waller Intuitive Office Solutions, in case you were wondering), built my first website, sacrificed some creature comforts to pay for 6 months of advertising, and got my first client. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2018, I am celebrating 8 years of Helping You Do Business Better!


Expertise + Intuition = A Personal Approach

Your business is more than just the product or service you offer; it's the culmination of your passion, your sacrifices, your dreams, your goals.

Your business has a personality.

My goal is to discover what that personality is and show it to the world.

My Stats:

20+ - number of years experience

8 - number of years helping burned out professionals

75% - percentage of clients that have worked with for more than 5 years

786+ - number of sales funnels/email marketing campaigns created

15 - average number of emails per campaign created (that's 8,040+ emails!)

39% - average open rate of emails created. (Global average across industries is 22.87%)

8% - average click through rate of emails created. (Global average across industries is 3.26%)

11,043 - number of documents created

100% - number of clients completely satisfied with quality of service

Put me to work for you!

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