But I’m not a Blogger! AKA Why your business needs a blog

For almost 2 years, I have used a perfectly functional and professional website that I designed.  It was well written, and clean, and served the purpose of describing to people and potential clients just what it is I do and how they can use my services.  All of the proper keywords and SEO options were in place. I put money into advertising and promoting it, and even a few representatives of Google itself said that I had an incredibly well put together site and shouldn’t have any issues.

Yet still I was having trouble getting noticed in a web search.

In the time that I have been running TW Intuitive Office Solutions, a very close personal friend and blogger extraodinaire (HUGE thank you to Jodi Shaw over atrantsnrascals.com) has been suggesting persuading nagging me to start a blog.  She has repeatedly expounded on the benefits of having a blog on my website. And my response every time?

I’m not a Blogger!

But I can no longer deny the validity of the advice I was given. So here we are. On my newly designed and just unveiled website complete with this new blog that is going to forward on this advice to you.

Your business website needs a blog!

And you (or someone on your team) need to become a Blogger. Why?  Having a well-written, cleanly designed site with proper SEO is no longer enough.

We live in an internet world filled to the brim with Bloggers.  And they have changed the rules of the internet. In order to get noticed, you need to have fresh content updated on a regular basis. Enter the Business Blog. And the reason for the complete agonizing redesign of my website and change of hosting providers.

But frequently updated, fresh content is not the only requirement. As they say, quality over quantity. The content needs to be relevant. And worthy of sharing.  In other words, along with your new blog, you need to make sure that you’re also connected with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).

It can be overwhelming. Blogging, posting, tweeting, linking, updating SEO. All on top of your regular, every day business duties.  So if you’re unsure where to start, or how to continue, or whether you have everything you need to, you’re in the right place!  Hit that Contact button and let’s talk.


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