Keeping in touch with your clients and prospective leads is an essential part of marketing your business. Email marketing keeps your business on their 'radar' and can have immense returns on investment, provided you're using effective email marketing strategies.

Not harnessing the power of email is the biggest mistake that business owners make when developing their marketing strategy. One of the most common reasons for this is not being aware of the sheer Return on Investment associated with successful email campaigns. We're not talking just in relation to digital marketing either; at a rate of up $44 per $1 spent, a carefully crafted email marketing strategy has the highest ROI of any marketing medium EVER.

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Why Work With a Professional?

You and I both know that you are perfectly capable of writing an email. With 3.9 billion active email addresses, almost 300 email marketing software providers, and over 79 billion How-To articles on Google, email lends itself very nicely to the average DIY business owner. But there is more to email marketing than simply writing an email.

Automation, segmentation, behaviour-driven rules, subscription forms, landing pages, auto-responders, website & social integration, drip campaigns, analytics, not to mention CAN SPAM compliance, and what started as a simple email campaign can quickly become overwhelming for the average email user. If you're struggling, or creating your email marketing campaign is taking you away from your passion, it's time to decide whether it's financially beneficial to hire a professional to create email marketing strategies for your business.

How I Can Help You

I am an expert/advanced level user of several of the most popular and robust platforms available, including Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign & Get Response. I have created over 536+ email campaigns, comprising of over 8,040+ individual emails, 600+ sign-up forms, 900+ landing pages, and countless behaviour-driven rules & automation triggers. And I'm a stickler for rules, which means I've read the CAN SPAM Act cover to cover - more than once.

Whether you need a brand new build,  a refreshed campaign, or a fresh set of eyes to review your self-created campaign, my expertise can turn your campaign into a marketing masterpiece! And my knowledge of multiple platforms means you can continue using the service you've been using with no learning curve. It also means that I'm pretty adept at just jumping right into any platform with ease.

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